U140s beat half a Sussex side

Sussex had managed to withdraw late from their previous away fixture, but I had been in contact with their captain the previous week who had told me he would inform me of any issues. When we had a late withdrawal due to illness I had a feeling of deja vu from the previous match against Essex, but my fears turned out to be unfounded (and I owe someone a fiver as a result...)

So I was less than happy when Sussex turned up on the day with 9 players (one of whom didn't make it to the venue). So to the chess where over the board the match was a tense affair - no doubt the confusion unsettled the Herts team who soon found themselves 0-2 down early on. However as we settled in to some proper chess Herts started to turn things around, and some great performances ensued, including a battling draw from Cecil Sloan after an early mishap, and good wins for Andrew Maclaren, John Peate and Richard Pearson resulting in an over-the-board 4-4 draw. 8 defaults from Sussex and 1 from ourselves produced an official verdict of a landslide 11-4 win for Herts, meaning that we just need 1 win from our last 2 matches to see us into the next phase of the competition.