U120s draw 6-6 at Surrey

Wins were achieved by Mark Duggin ( opponent graded 116 ) on board 5; Chris Pines on board 6 against his opponent graded 112 against Chris's 102; Mark Lynch on board 6 against his opponent on a grade of 104, Alexandros Kalyviotis ( playing his first county match on an estimated grade of 100 ) won against his opponent graded at 103; and Peter Baker won on board 12 against an opponent graded 69. Steve Dicks on board 3 and Terry Douse on board 4 both on 117 grades had the only 2 draws. Commiserations to those who lost their matches but it was very close indeed.

This leaves the SCCU table as follows:


Qualification still appears possible with a win over Middlesex in the last match in March, but it needs several results to go our way.