Correspondence Chess

Hertfordshire Correspondence Chess Teams Need You!

Having lost several players for various reasons over the past few years we are getting very short of players for our correspondence chess (CC) teams. It is easy to play CC nowadays as we use an online chess server to make moves, no more posting cards or sending emails! You can play at your own pace and have as many or few games as you wish. Many OTB players have taken up CC to test out their opening variations. I recently played a well known strong OTB player who has recently returned to CC after many years away. Many players do use computer assistance, but this is allowed, and it is up to you the level of assistance you need to play a reasonable game as the programs are certainly not infallible especially in certain kinds of position. You can download at least one top chess program free of charge. The only disadvantages of CC are players who take a long time to move and the high rate of draws. We play in the Counties and District CC Championship Division 1 and the British CC League Championship Division often against the top British players. We are nearing the end of the current season and play will start again in 2022. If we do not get enough players we may only be able to run single teams in each which will certainly disappoint many of our current players. If you would like to try CC or have any questions please email John Rhodes (