County Championships

The message below is published here on behalf of Alex Holowczak.

Thank you to those who responded to the original questionnaire.

After consulting with the ECF Board, players, captains, counties and unions, the first stage of this process generated results that have enabled us to come up with proposals contained in this consultation.


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Herts AGM 2016-17

The Annual AGM was held at the Salisbury Arms Hotel in Hertford on Friday 14th July. The main points of the meeting are as follows:

1. Mike Price reported that the finances are in decline due to a drop in Vice Presidents and losses from the county teams. As a result VP frees were increased to £10 (from £7.50) and the club affilliation fee from £10 to £20.

2. Two motions were passed - AGM proposals now need a seconder, and the proposal deadline has been extended from May 1st to June 1st.

Several Officers Retired:


ECF county Quarter-Finals - u120s the only survivors

The county quarter-finals are now completed, and sadly despite fielding 3 teams thanks to successful qualifying campaigns, 2 fell at the first hurdle. The u160s lost by the narrowest of margins 7.5 - 8.5 to Yorkshire in a nail-biting contest, while the u140s went to Derby and lost 6-10 to Lancashire. However the u120s made a trip to Northampton where they recorded a fine 8-4 win over Nottinghamshire, and now face Essex at home in the semi-finals on June 10th.

U160s claim ECF Quarter-final place

After the weak team we fielded in February, it was with some relief we sent a stronger side out to face Cambridgeshire and Suffolk in our final round of matches on Sunday. The Cambridgeshire match in the morning was critical, as victory would guarantee our qualification for the ECF national stages of the County Championships. I don't know what the team had for breakfast, but the result was remarkable, as we beat Cambridgeshire by 11-5, the widest margin of victory I can recall us recording against Cambridgeshire.


U140s confirm ECF qualification

A 7-9 loss to recurring SCCU champions Kent on Saturday was a much better performance than our showing at Surrey 3 weeks earlier. ECF Qualification has been secured with an S3 place behind Kent(S1) and Essex(S2). Wins for Wali, Terry O'Sullivan, Austin McMahon, Andrew Smith and Peter Seeley weren't quite enough on the day, but we go into the nationals full on confidence. Andrew Smith has kindly made his game available